How does it work?

Connect your smartphone and enter your pin code and you will give Yomi Fotobox permission to automatically backup all of your photos and videos. After just a few minutes all of your data is safe and neatly sorted in your browser. It almost sounds too easy to be true.

Have a look at our FAQ to learn more about Yomi Fotobox.

Yomi Connected

Integrate Yomi to your home by always having it powered on. When using Yomi to charge your phone or tablet, it will be running a backup of your photos and media from your mobile device and store a copy of your media on Yomis built in hard drive. By keeping Yomi connected you will always be able to view the built in smart gallery for easy viewing of your photos – this works from all your devices that has a browser.

Hard drive and storage

Yomi´s built in hard drive allows you to easily save all your households photos in one secure place. Just by connecting another source with media files, the back-up starts automatically with transfer speeds up to 20Mbit/S. The solid state drive comes in 2 sizes: 128GB and 256GB, where the larger premium version can store up to 75 000 photos!

Works with all units

When a smartphone, USB-memory, camera or another hard drive is connected to Yomi, it will instantly make a back-up of your photos and videos. No matter what files you have stored on the other unit, Yomi will only look for your media files. Want to create a back-up of all the files stored on Yomi? Connect an empty USB-memory or hard drive, and the files will be duplicated over to your new source.

Image gallery

Yomis smart photo gallery allows you to view and download all media stored on the hard drive. Choose a browser and enter your personal address, found on your Fotobox. Pick a month or year and browse through all of your files. See a demo of the Smart Gallery here: Demo Gallery

Always connected

Yomi has a built in WIFI reciever/transmitter which gives you easy access to all of your households photos and videos. You only have to set up Yomi once for your home network by using the 3-step start up guide that displays when you enter your personalized URL, or simply by proving your networks ID and password. By keeping your Yomi connected you could even view your gallery away from home.

Archive your media files

Yomi also allows you to download media files from the Fotobox to a computer. Make a selection in the Photogallery and click “download” to have a zip-file created and saved on your computer. It couldn´t be easier to create an additional back up, have files available offline or to send them by e-mail or to a cloud service.

Technical specification

* 5V, 1A Mobile Charger

* Polished stainless steel

* Cover: Walnut, Beerch, Ash

* 128GB - 256GB Flash memory

* Height: 43mm

* Diameter: 76mm

* WiFi 2.4GHz