Our story

Yomi is a Swedish company based in Stockholm and has been selling products online since
September 2017. Yomi started as a shared idea and vision between founders HP and PM in 2013.
Everyone has had that moment, that curiosity and something that tickles your mind.
For PM and HP it all started with the idea of an offline storage for media, that would be so simple it would be plug and play, straight out of the box. 

The first version of the box, was… A box… In fact, it was quite a big wooden box that reminds of the “photoboxes” we used to have under our beds to store the photos that would not make it in to our fancy photo galleries.
Although the round shape of the first product that was launched in September 2017, was named Yomi Fotobox, simply because it works as a photobox – the big difference between the obsolete version of this and our Fotobox, is that it comes with a nifty gallery – with all your photographs, from all your households cameras, in one place.

Today Yomi has launched their very first product and are proud to present something that
breathes Scandinavian design, merged with a functionality that makes you use the product every day, when you charge your phone – straight out of the box.