Questions & Answers

Is Yomi compatible with my mobile phone? 
Yes! Yomi Fotobox is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Mobile. It also works with most USB sticks, hard drives and compact digital cameras (not DSLR). When new releases for popular platforms are released, we develop compatible versions for your Yomi that is uploaded to your unit remotely. 

Is my photos protected and safe with Yomi?
Yes. The unit stores your media on to a built in flash drive. The flash serves as a digital safety box and will keep your images safe for many years to come.

How do I start the back up of my photos?
Simply connect your phone, digital camera or USB stick for the automated backup to start.

How do I view my images from the hard drive?
Every unit has a unique web address. Type in the address (URL) in a browser to view your photos on your computer. 
You can try a demo version of the gallery here.

Can others see my photos? 
No, only you and family members can view the photos in your wireless network at home. If you would like to access the images from your mobile network or from work, you can set up a password, by your own choice. 

Do I have to connect Yomi to the internet? 
To view your images the Fotobox needs to be connected to your home network (LAN).  The internet connection will allow you to view the Photo Gallery. The photos will not be stored in a cloud or be accessible for other internet users.

How many photos can be stored on Yomi?
Plenty! This depends on how many video clips that are stored on the unit, but the smaller version can hold around 35 000 photos and the larger version about 75 000 photos! The average person normally takes around 2500 photos a year.

Can photos be transferred to my PC? 
Yes. This can be done through the web based photo gallery. Select month and click download” and Yomi creates a ZIP-file that is downloaded to the computer that you are browsing from. Read more about ZIP-files here. 

Can photos be transferred from my PC? 
Not by connecting a PC with a USB-chord. By transferring your photos to a USB memory you can connect the USB unit to Yomi and it will automatically make a backup of your photos.